Dee Harrison – a strategic planner and thinker with experience in government helping people – The Right Choice for Austin City Council District 6.

Austin deserves better from our leaders.  We must demand better from our leaders.

As a city, we need to reexamine and build better long-term strategies to protect, stabilize, and rebuild our community lifelines.  These lifelines are the things that are essential to our government services, business, public health and safety sectors, and our economic security.  The things that contribute to our quality of life.  The things that make Austin unique among big cities.  The things that drive the economic engine and the future of our City.  


 Dee Harrison has developed and led the training on emergency preparedness, response, and recovery; self-care; Continuity of Operations; crime victim services; and the impact of trauma and vicarious trauma on crime victims, disaster survivors, and emergency responders.


Dee Harrison has over 15 years of experience working at the local and state levels in emergency management preparedness programs; strategic, operational, and incident planning; threat and hazard identification and risk analysis, disaster response and recovery; and disaster survivor and crime victim programs.


Before engaging in emergency management, Dee Harrison worked for over 18 years in community-based corrections at the county and state levels. She has the strength and experience to tackle City Hall.

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